Tuesday, 7 April 2009


  A polymath basically someone that is interested and knowlegeable in a wide area of knowledge.  
  A polymath defies the saying " Jack of all trades, master of none."

  A polymath is also known as a Renaissance man, or a Hombros Universal(in Latin)

  A polymath is observative 

  A polymath is  not afraid to ask the question: "Why?"

  I am a polymath and I am an aspiring polymath.  How?  The interest  is there, the curiousity is there.   But to be able to say that I am a jack pof all trades ( Ok, maybe, just of some) and a master of all, means hardwork combined with fun.  And that is what this blog is for.  To take myself and anyone else interested through the gruelling, yet fun and profoundly rewarding journey of becoming  a true curious and observatory soul.

I am interested in physics (the bolts and nuts so to say of our world), applications of this knowledge into fun, cool gadgets and projects.  I also like crafts (crotcheting, and embroidery in particular).  I am also enamored with Philosophy, Literature ( right now I am honing my poetry appreciation skills),  and the theatre in its entirity and how it is able to combime the arts and the sciences, in its architecture, art of acting and the effects of the physics of optics and sound in creating the right response from the audience.



Who is apolymath?